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The most fun and engaging community project on the BSC.

Join in the $COMFI ICO and take part in community voting as well as exclusive benefits to $COMFI holders. Gain early access to NFT Minting, Staking, and Airdrops.

Audited by Coinscope

Audited by Coinscope. Download the audit report to learn more.

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  • $COMFI Presale - Launch - Community Airdrops
  • Q1NFT Art collection - Staking Contract - Community/Marketing Events
  • Q2Commander P2E NFT Game - $COMFI DAO Creation - Farming Contract
  • Q3/Q4Governance Token - Transition to Project Decentralization - New Real-Life Utilities & Applications

Commander Video Guides

The easiest way to understand Commander is watching our video guides

$COMFI was created to empower everyday people

Commander DeFi aims to be the first community-run project in the BSC ecosystem. With holder engagement and profitability as our main focus, we have mapped the way into complete decentralization for the end of 2022.

The $COMFI token will play a vital role in acting as the main currency for the Commander DeFi ecosystem. With upcoming releases of NFT Collections, P2E Games, and a suite of financial products like Staking, and Farming, the $COMFI token will expand its utility.

Transactions include a 10% fee, divided into reflection for holders, marketing operations, and community-driven use-cases like buybacks and holder airdrops.

The $COMFI Tokenomics

Total Supply is 100T on a BEP20 on the Binance Smart Chain. The COMFI token will be distributed as follows.



Goes for the community, public access through ICO



Goes for community events, airdrops and more



Goes for team members and team growth



Goes for seed investors and supporters

Team Members

The Commander Profile Pic

The Commander